As a Latina girl adopted into an Irish American household, Annie Goodchild’s layered sense of self contributes to a sound that Boston’s own WERS radio described as “so far-reaching, it’s difficult to epitomise a style that has spanned various regions of the globe, but Goodchild manages to bring all of this together delicately and gracefully.’

A sound that called on an early childhood singing in gospel choirs, memories of Sunday morning jazz and classical radio from her mother, teenage years immersed in 90s R&B, and an early adult life train hopping and hitchhiking across the USA with a hippy activist lover, falling hard for gutter punk and american roots music. It was only by chance one night on a trip to Guatemala, that Annie Goodchild stood up to sing.

For the next decade Goodchild moved to Europe to tour with alternative pop band Melou, lived in squats, and played both major and independent festivals. This was followed by Singing in Punch Drunks NYC hit show “Sleep No More” and working with Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox. This challenging and life changing time culminated in a richer fusion of self and sound – paving the way for the solo career that was to come.

In a single breath Annie Goodchild makes American roots music infused with heavy electronic alternative pop and cinematic influences. Unbound by the shackles of genre, what is left is the striking semblance of a rare and honest performance.

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